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The Strongbox

WestEnd Wilma

"Menacingly volatile"

"Left me thinking about it for days"
Vault Festival

rehearsing the Strongbox with Hannah Morley
Rehearsing with Hannah Morley

The Strongbox, directed by Lucy Richardson, ran at VAULT18 where it won the Origins Award for Outstanding New Work and was Pick of the Festival.

80-year-old Ma and her daughter Kat keep homeless Maudie as a slave in their London home. Power starts to shift when Kat's distracted by business and Ma becomes ill. But does Maudie want freedom or control?

We plan a new production of The Strongbox at Clapham Omnibus in 2022. We've been running a project with the charity Spear which works with homeless clients around the themes of the play and have made a new audio piece, Nests.

You can buy The Strongbox at Nick Hern Books.

reviews for the strongbox

Her rich, precise characters are an actor's dream. The work is playful, intelligent and moving, with no small amount of bite. Hannah Morley, actor


The poem series, Boudica, is now published under the title Three-Eyed Wolf and you can buy it at Green Bottle Press.


it was only when it kicked off
I found I'd the bloody knack, more,
a taste for it

before I was all veg patch stews
stories with the girls, smiles, a bit

when I say a taste for it, not
the piss-reek or gut-slippery
mess on your feet

I mean the moment of taking
clouds cross their eyes as they call
fall, surprised: that bit



Part of the BBC's Culture in Quarantine series, broadcast on BBC Radio Three, Shifts won Gold at the UK Audio Production Awards 2021. You can listen to Shifts here.

"a visionary commission in the tradition of W H Auden and Benjamin Britten's Night Mail...epic" Sunday Times



I was invited to record for US Jazz Ready podcasts, presented by Magdalena Gomez. After Magdalena's generous introduction, listen here to my poems Being Breathed, Each Day Writing, Post-Lockdown Thaw, Songthrush and Footpath