"a really fine piece of writing...constantly surprising and challenging"
British Theatre Guide

"intelligent, witty, gratifying"
Theatre Weekly

Charles Reston, Natasha Little, Chris Larkin, Rosie Day
Charles Reston, Natasha Little, Chris Larkin, Rosie Day

Again ran in the West End at Trafalgar Studios, directed by Hannah Price. It shows a family trying to evolve after a divorce. Each person can stop at a turning-point and run the action again, to see if things turn out differently.

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One of the best experiences for me in sixty years as an actress. Steph's dialogue is a wonderful challenge, it's so unexpected. Her language is intense, shocking, beautiful and funny. Joanna Wake, actress


"a tale of jealousy and bacon, it's rather good"
Daily Mail

"very funny"
Daily Telegraph

Cast of the play a Night Visitor
Carl Prekopp, Stella Gonet, David Cann

An Afternoon Drama on BBC Radio Four, A Night Visitor is about an unhappy couple who meet a transformative pig.

The play won the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award for Best Radio Drama.

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The pig runs riot, but Stephanie's empathy for the couple and the comedy of their situation remain perfectly paced. She has an actor's ear for dialogue and what works for radio, coupled with a poet's snout for language.  David Hunter, BBC radio producer

the quick

"clever and sharp, not easy to watch, but very rewarding viewing" A Younger Theatre

 "a tough and touching new play....fitting wit into the anguish"
Time Out

Josephine Rogers and Grace Willis
Josephine Rogers and Grace Willis

The Quick explores the process of forgiveness: a violent young offender takes part in restorative justice, and eventually meets the person she has hurt.

Our run at Tristan Bates Theatre included a curtain-raiser made by young people and a panel discussion led by the CEO of the Howard League for Penal Reform. The Quick was Time Out Critics' Choice.

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Steph tells stories which see humanity, often in extremis, at its best. Her characters are complex people who surprise. They're always intelligent, determined, warm and witty. She has a deep understanding of how theatre works, derived from years as an actor. Her dialogue is authentic, funny and poetic all at once. Lucy Richardson, director