"deeply moving...Stephanie Jacob's poetic response is superb"
Camden New Journal

"a vivid, powerful record of these strange times"
Sunday Times

five of us come
to turn one
onto his front
as carefully
as if he were a cobweb

Commissioned by BBC Radio Three and produced by Wayward Productions, Shifts is a series of poems I wrote in response to testimonies from frontline healthworkers in the pandemic. It was designed by Gareth Fry and recorded in binaural sound, so it's most effective to listen with headphones. Shifts featured as Radio Four's Pick of the Week and won Gold at the UK Audio Production Awards in 2021. The judges said " the medium of poetry is brilliant and gave us goosebumps".


Her brilliant use of voice singles her out. Boudica has moments of such clarity and vivid beauty you're pulled up short. Shifts, written with astonishing economy, raw and tender, has had a big impact, not least on the nurses themselves: one said she was 'blown away by the truth of it all'.  Jules Wilkinson, radio producer


...it's her laugh
that stops me stone dead


I thought they'd unstrung
that soft sound
when they did for her


sweeter than any
bird music
let me just stand here



It's 61 CE. Romans are in charge of Britain. When the widowed Boudica is flogged and her two daughters raped, she decides to respond. But who was she?

In this series of poems Boudica flits through history's gaps and enters as sadistic avenger, guilty mother, beady cultural commentator, strategist, magician, ghost who longs to live.

Just published under the title Three-Eyed Wolf, you can now buy the poems at Green Bottle Press.

And you can listen to some of the poems here, recorded and mixed by Jules Wilkinson.


My First-Born's Tattoo

your property


museum of london

After St Albans